Michael Bowen


Are you looking for a traditional, fragrant, and beautiful Christmas Tree? You should come see our Grand Fir Trees at the Bowen Tree Farm. These are beautiful trees with full, natural shapes that makes them perfect for a traditional Christmas tree. We like how the bright, green needles look with white twinkling lights.

Traditional Grand Fir Trees

We are occasionally asked “Where are the Douglas Fir trees?”. We have chosen the Grand Fir as our traditional tree instead. We have found that the Grand Fir holds its needle better than the Douglas Fir. It has a flat green needle that holds moisture better. It’s a prettier tree that we love to grow. We think you’ll love them too!

Grand Firs are the most fragrant trees on our farm and they will bring a welcoming scent to your home. So, this weekend, come visit the Bowen Tree Farm — have a cup of apple cider and smell our Grand Fir Trees. We think you’ll find the perfect tree for your Christmas Celebration.