We’re Open for the 2014 Season!

Morning All! Today is our first day of the season! We’re excited to see so many of you this year and hope you’ll all come out and make the Bowen Tree Farm part of your Christmas tradition!


This weekend on the farm: Grand Firs!

The Grand Fir is a native of the Pacific Northwest and we love growing them. Our tree farm has great soil for growing these beautiful trees. We hand prune all of our trees and the Grands are a joy to work with. We love the smell of these trees – it’s a very traditional Christmas tree smell with a bit of citrus. The needles are a glossy dark green and soft to the touch. It’s a very pretty tree with a very traditional shape.

If you’re looking for a bright green and full tree, this is the tree for you!

Photos of our trees

If you look closely, you can see morning dew on these trees that overlook the cottage. Click through to the full post to see a few photos from this morning.  Read the rest of this entry »