Thank you for a wonderful season!

We are now closed for the season. We are not opening for today, Dec 4. We had a blockbuster day yesterday. In order to remain sustainable we have to close a day early. Thank you all for making us a part of your Christmas Celebration. We know that some of you will be forced to change plans and we apologize for that. We hope we can be a part of your holiday next year. Merry Christmas!


Come out to the closing weekend!

Sunday Dec 4th will be our last day of the season this year. We are thankful for all of you making us a part of your Christmas celebration.

We’re getting the farm ready for Christmas 2016!

This year, we are going to open our 2016 season on November 25th. We’ll be open from Friday through Sunday from 9am until 4pm through December 11. The growing season has been great and the trees look fantastic. We’ve been busy and the Christmas Cottage is filled with unique gifts created by local artists and crafters. Mark your calendars!

Thank you all!

We have so much gratitude and joy for all of you that shared your Christmas with us. Thank you for coming to the farm and being a part of our Christmas. We’re now closed for the 2015 season. We’re already looking forward to seeing you all next year. Merry Christmas and God bless.

We’re closing Friday December 11, 2015

We’re closing for the 2015 season on Friday December 11. What a season! We’ve loved sharing our farm with all of you. To make sure that we’re a sustainable farm and can have you all again for Christmas next year, we are going to close early.

We’ve got one hundred tall trees, over 8 feet that we we’d love to sell! It’ll make room for us to plant a new collection for the years to come. We will be selling only these tall trees on the 11th. Please join us on Friday if you would like a tall tree for this Christmas.

Thanks again for a record breaking season!

Slow Card Processing Today

Morning everyone! Credit card processing is going to be really slow or spotty today, Sunday December 6. If you can bring cash or check, we’ll be able to hurry along. Thanks!

Tall Trees! Come see us!

Need a tall tree? We’ve got them! Same price as our regular trees. So if you’ve got a spot that begs for a tall tree with lots of lights, come see us!